About Our Vacations

Each trip is custom built for our clients based on their family history, interests, and budget. We work all over the world – wherever you came from, we can take you back. Once we learn about you, we will design an itinerary for you completely tailored to your interests and history. Our connections around the globe allow us the opportunity to provide one-of-a-kind travel into parts of the world many cannot reach on their own, including locating cities of old which are no longer on maps and obtaining access to local archives that do not normally allow tourists. And because we build each trip to the client’s individual needs and interests, we are able to fulfill the interests of all of our clients.

Sample Tours

It is possible to combine multiple cities or countries so that a fuller picture of each family’s life can be gained. Trips include visits to local archives, briefings with local historians, and walking tours of the towns and neighborhoods of your past. Imagine walking the same paths that your great-grandparents did, visiting the church where they were married, or standing on the same soil that your grandfather did during World War I. Heirloom Heritage Tours can help you make that a reality. Discover your wanderlust when you view just a few examples of what Heirloom Heritage Tours can create for you!


In addition to diving deep into your past, we can also leave plenty of time for you to enjoy relaxation as well. From organizing cooking classes in the local cuisine, to arranging a vineyard tour, or any other of a huge variety of leisure activities, if you want to do it, we’ll set it up. Heirloom Heritage Tours will build a completely custom-tailored trip that brings your family legacy to life and lets you live your ancestors’ past memories while you make new ones. Let us help you walk in your ancestors' footsteps!


On the following pages you will see blogs from our three founders from their excursions around the world. We hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to explore as well.

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